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EREA_Council2017-400x250pxEREA Council

Responsible for governance of the schools to ensure the continuance of the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. The Council is appointed by the Congregational Leader of the Christian Brothers. Current members are Br Paul Oakley cfc (President), Dr John Honner (Deputy President), Ms Kathy Freeman and David White. The Executive Officer is Br Kevin Buckley cfc.

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EREA BoardEREA Board

Appointed by the EREA Council, with responsibility for oversight of the administration of EREA Schools and Educational Entities. Current members are Mr Graham Goerke (Chair), Mr Tony Arnel, Ms Vicki Clark, Ms Fleur Hannen, Mr Peter Ryan, Mrs Bobby Court and Mr Mark Anderson.

Executive Director

Responsible for the management of EREA Schools and Educational Entities. The current Executive Director is Dr Wayne Tinsey.

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Executive Leadership

EREA Leadership Team

Advisory group to the Executive Director on matters of strategic intent. Current members are Dr Wayne Tinsey (Executive Director), Mr Peter Leuenberger (Deputy Executive Director), Mr Ray Paxton (National Director Identity and Liberating Education), Mr Geoff Doyle (National Director Stewardship and Resources), Mr Brian Roberts (Regional Director – Eastern), Mr Peter Chapman (Regional Director – Northern), Mr Shaun Kenny (Regional Director – Western), Mr Paul Williams (Regional Director – Southern), Mr Chris Smith (Chair Youth +) and Ms Catherine Greenley (Director - Governance and Strategic Engagement).

Mission Service Teams

EREA operates through three mission service teams; Identity and Liberating Education, Community Engagement and Support and Stewardship and Resources. Each is under the leadership of a National Director.

EREA supports local school communities through each Regional Director in Brisbane (QLD schools), Sydney (NSW and ACT schools), Adelaide (SA, WA and NT schools), Melbourne (Victoria and Tasmania schools) and for Youth+ through the Chair Youth+.

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