A Vision for Growth and Sustainability for Edmund Rice Education Australia.

Developed by the Leadership Team of EREA (under the auspices of the EREA Board) following extensive consultation with Diocesan educational authorities, EREA schools, members of the broader EREA community and other education providers, The Call To Grow presents a vision for growth and sustainability for EREA into the future. The development of this framework also reflects a key strategic objective identified by the Christian Brothers when EREA was first established in 2007 and more recently reaffirmed by the EREA network in formulating our Strategic Directions for the next five years.

At the heart of The Call To Grow is the desire to serve the Catholic Church through the provision of a quality Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition. As our nation is continually being shaped by its people and their hopes and desires for their children, so too EREA is called to respond to an ever-changing educational and social landscape which brings with it both challenges and possibilities.  In responding to this call, EREA commits to honouring the work of the Christian Brothers and working in partnership with the Catholic Church to further the mission of EREA in an authentic, contemporary and innovative way. 

Through the implementation of this strategic priority, EREA will continue to support existing initiatives and dream of what can be; thus ensuring the sustainability of EREA into the future. In doing so, EREA seeks to provide a dynamic interpretation of its mission in contemporary ways, being prepared to be innovative and courageous, but always in line with the charism and heritage of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

In working together with the Christian Brothers and the broader Catholic community, EREA will now embark on the next exciting phase of its development confident in the knowledge that the future for Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition is looking very bright indeed!

Wayne Tinsey
Executive Director

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