Sustainability at EREA
EChO across EREA Pilot - The Second Gathering
Ecological Educators from the Southern Region gathered at Parade College for their second face to face gathering, continuing their participation in the EChO across EREA pilot. Following walking conversations taking in the Indigenous Gathering Space and the Waterford Community Garden, particpants engaged in a Masterclass facilitated by staff from the Institute for Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting (IDEEA) - a session that presented an overview of The System for Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) and how its principles relate to Laudato si' and the mission of EREA and its schools. By the end of the gathering there was a strong sense of the benefits for ecological education through the development of a common language in relation to ecological sustainability, how we recognise ecological assets and how we might measure the health of these assests that make up our ecosystem. We hope to disseminate more ideas and resources in relation to this area. If you are interested in establishing EChO across EREA in your region, email

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