Sustainability at EREA
Artefacts from the EChO across EREA Pilot

The EChO across EREA Pilot Group was made up of 4 Ecological Educators from the following EREA schools within the Southern Region:
•    St Patrick’s College, Ballarat
•    St Bernard’s College, Essendon
•    Parade College, Bundoora
•    St Joseph’s College, Geelong

Convened by the Executive Officer of the EREA Sustainability Committee, these Ecological Educators gathererd on 29 November 2018 at St Bernard’s College, Essendon (with the EREA Sustainability Committee), 28 February 2019 at Parade College, Bundoora and 3 April 3 2019 at St Joseph’s by the Sea, Williamstown.

Developed in response to the EREA Principals’ Statement Solidarity through Care for our Common Home, the intention of the pilot was to co-create a pathway for learning and discovering together about the way we (the national EREA community) are called to care for our common home. The pilot proved to create a valued space for learning and sharing  - the fruits of which can be seen in the following resources that can now be used as artefacts for learning across the EREA community.

Resources and Artefacts Reviewing the EChO across EREA Pilot
An Interactive presentation reviewing what we learnt and discovered
Overall Evaluation of the EChO across EREA Pilot from the Ecological Educators
Questions emerging out of the EChO across EREA Pilot for EREA

Resources from the Masterclass presented by Mark Eigenhaam, Director of The Institute for the Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting (IDEEA) at the EChO across EREA Gathering at Parade College on 28 February 2019.
IDEEA Presentation - Framing the relationship between the environment and EREA
EREA Ecosystem approach workshop summary and next steps final April 2019
The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Brochure
Explaining The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (Video)
The value of SEEA - How it accounts for the ecological (Video)
How the IDEEA approach values the ecological in the economic (video)
How IDEEA and its approach can develop a common language across EREA (Video)

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