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International Edmund Rice Leadership Symposium

Lima Peru     20 June - 4 July 2019

The International Edmund Rice Leadership Symposium is a collaborative program that aims to enhance and develop the Charism-based leadership capabilities of key people in Edmund Rice education and ministry. The Symposium is an international, live-in formation and professional development program that will be held yearly for leaders/governors in Edmund Rice Schools and ministries’ across the world.

This Symposium is a program of Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders (EREBB) and is fully supported by the Congregation Leadership Team of the Christian Brothers.

The program will be held in different parts of the world, drawing on the richness of the Edmund Rice vision and experience in that context. In 2019 it will be held in Lima, Peru.

A formative experience in Charism-based leadership for justice and liberation;
A deepened understanding of the theology underpinning an Edmund Rice Charism and mission more broadly;
Opportunity to explore current educational and ministry developments and leadership;
Empowerment to respond to the “signs of the times” globally and integrate locally;
Exploring different leadership prototypes and building capacity to lead in a complex world;
Form a global community of Edmund Rice leaders that network and support each other into the future;
Experience and learn from the local culture and their experiences of mission.
“Never tire of working for a more just world marked by greater solidarity”   -  Pope Francis
Themes of the Program
Mission of Catholic education and ministry and its global reach
The Edmund Rice Charism in the 21st Century
A Theology of Liberation and a Preferential Option for the Poor
Contemporary Leadership for ministry
Forming Global Communities across schools and ministries
A sustainable and enriching spirituality for leadership in a complex world
Symposium Process
International keynote speakers around the themes of the program
Opportunities to reflect upon personal and communal leadership practice
Development of leadership porotypes to inform future practice
Global prayer, liturgy and ritual experiences
Living global community and sharing cultural richness
Immersion experiences with ministries in Lima
Who is it for
The program is designed for leaders in Edmund Rice schools, ministries and governing bodies.


Partial sponsorship may be available for participants from the majority world.


Participants will be nominated by their local EREBB Leadership Forum Member or Province Leadership Team.
People are welcome to express their interest directly, but should also contact their respective local contact.

Expressions of Interest

For more information contact info@erebb.org


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