‘To Do and To Teach’

Deputy Principals’ Conference (Brisbane)

6 - 8 August 2018

When looking for inspiration for the theme of this conference – “To Do and To Teach” - it was important to look within our EREA Schools, Early Childhood Learning Centres and Flexible Learning Centres and outside, to trending research and other voices that are shaping the education agenda of our nation. Looking within our various EREA entities allows us to identify and celebrate our work done in mission and education by our teachers and leaders across the country. There is indeed much to celebrate and acknowledge. Looking outside can help us see our challenges in new ways and find unexpected solutions.

The best way to learn is by doing and sharing. This year’s conference will bring together some world-renowned and national keynote speakers along with a variety of practitioners, entity visits, formation and panel sessions. All of these are the best place to soak up and experience a lot of information in a short amount of time. The value of networking with other like EREA travellers is not to be underestimated as we continue to develop and enhance the mission and educational agendas of our EREA entities.

This year’s theme ‘To Do and To Teach’ will come to life in sessions where the focus ranges from:
Data analysis, innovative teaching / flexible learning spaces, alternative education models
Trends in maths and science study, international testing programs and resulting data to inform and guide schools
Wellbeing / mindfulness
A selection of workshops followed up through visits to local schools and/or an FLC.
We will be inspired by, learn from, and interact with speakers who bring tremendous knowledge and experience to our conference, including:
Damien Price, cfc
Conference Facilitator
Professor Bob Lingard
Professional Research Fellow at University of Queensland
Neil Carrington, PhD
CEO of Act for Kids
Ian Hunter, PhD
Founder, Write that Essay
Li Cunxin
Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’
Jan Owen, AM
CEO, Foundation for Young Australians

For more information contact northern.region@erea.edu.au or phone 07 3737 6700

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