Student Leaders’ Gathering 2017
From January 18 - 21, student leaders from all Edmund Rice Schools and six Associate Schools attended the EREA National Student Leaders' Conference in Sydney.
The gathering took place at Mary MacKillop Place North Sydney, adjacent to the resting place of St Mary MacKillop and close to a number of spectacular harbour sites.

Student Leaders’ Gathering 2017 - 1Our amazing young leaders bonded very quickly as they reflected on the highlights and challenges of leadership while walking across the Harbour Bridge on the first night. They built on these early insights by developing their own TED talks on leadership, producing over twenty creative, inspiring videos using their own mobile devices.

Further into the conference they experienced dynamic processes concerning “ERA for Change” and Integral Ecology / Sustainability. On the final day, considerable effort went into developing individual Charters for Leadership based on the EREA Touchstones.

Each school should be proud of these outstanding young men and women who seized this opportunity to make a difference for themselves and their school communities.
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