The Value of Flexible Learning Options

EREA is one of the largest providers of Flexible Learning for young people in Australia. But how do we know its value and impact? A recent collaboration of the Youth + Institute is the book, Gauging the Value of Education for Disenfranchised Youth. One of the authors of this publication is Dr Sue McGinity, past Deputy Chair of EREA. Dale Murray, Director of the Institute, has written the foreward. 

Gauging the Value of Education for Disenfranchised Youth

The Youth+ Institute Research and Knowledge exchange has responsibility for: 

* Develop the public policy interface for Youth+ Research with Universities and Education

* Provider’s in areas of Pedagogy, Professional Development, Innovation and advocacy

* Conducting research in areas relating to flexible learning, relational pedagogy and  trauma informed practice

*The establishment and maintenance of the Youth+ Knowledge Exchange (research,         professional development, curriculum, Flexible Learning Options national database)

*Publishing papers, research, professional development on Youth+ Institute website and    to lead a range of advocacy activities for Youth and Flexible Learning

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