Gender Equality and Diversity Project

The first phase of this project, the diagnostic review undertaken in partnership with Mercer consultants, has now been completed. This involved analysis of the gender composition of EREA employees, an audit of policies related to gender equality and diversity and consultation with 19 focus groups across the four regions. The purpose of this phase was to assist EREA in understanding the barriers to inclusion and leadership that underrepresented groups face in EREA schools, with a particular focus on women.

Using the data collected, a draft report was developed in preparation for a full day workshop with the EREA leadership team on April 26, facilitated by Yolanda Beattie and Heidi Sundin. The workshop helped the team review, challenge and prioritise the diagnostic findings with a view to clarifying EREA’s gender equality vision and strategic objectives. The next steps will involve exploring key priorities emerging for an action plan.

To learn more about this project contact Catherine Greenley - Director - Governance and Strategic Engagement
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