New Book: Different Ways of Being an Educator
Dr Ann Morgan (Marlene Moore Flexi School Network) has released a new book, Different Ways of Being an Educator. The book highlights the shifts and movements educators make in a flexi school context.

Flexi schools offer programs that are responsive to the needs of
young people who face complexities in their lives that have created barriers to learning in conventional schools. Not all flexi schools are the same, but they have some common features and practice frameworks.

In Relational Practice the first in a three-book series the author explores an educational model for those who seek to give disenfranchised young people access to safe and dynamic learning communities.

Drawing on stories from experienced practitioners working with young people in flexi schools, the author shares insights about re-engaging young people and effective ways of working with colleagues in multidisciplinary teams.

The concepts are presented in easy-to-access, clearly themed vignettes from educators. Each element is accompanied by questions that guide staff to engage in critical reflection individually, within teams, and with mentors and supervisors.

For educators in any context, the series offers practical strategies and relational ways for educators to support young people to remain connected and engaged in learning at school.

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Different Ways of Being Anne Morgan
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