National Apology by the Australian Government
October 22 2018

Today, Edmund Rice Education Australia strongly supports the Australian Government as it delivers, on behalf of all Australians, a National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

We reconnect today with our own National Apology, delivered in Canberra on June 1 2017: its challenging questions, the presence and contribution of survivors, our firm resolve to respond in each of our communities.

It is a point in time when our collective consciousness is once again stirred to further action on behalf of victims, those who we know and those who remain unknown to us. As a community of schools and as national body, we re-affirm our commitment to ongoing action in formulating policy, educating staff and caring for our students.

Most importantly, we commit to the most challenging task of drawing back into our care those who have suffered abuse, those who remain disconnected from our community because of their suffering.

On this important national day, we re-commit to these responsibilities and our proactive intention to support victims and survivors of institutional sexual abuse.

Open our eyes Lord and help us to see,
Unbind our hearts so you people are free.
Called by the Spirit your faithfully send -
Goodness will flourish, injustice will end!
We are the voice crying “Never again”
Wake us and heal us, Creator and Friend!

(Prayer from the EREA National Apology to the Victims and Survivors of Sexual Abuse, June 1 2017)

Edmund Rice Education Australia delivered a National Apology on behalf of our schools to victims and survivors and abuse in June, 2017. View the apology here.

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