The Drumbeat of Africa Alive in My Heart
Participant Reflections from African Immersion and Partnership Program 2018
A group of staff from our schools and the EREA Office immersed themselves in Kenya and South Africa recently while building partnerships with our colleagues who are involved in liberating education. Learn more about the African Partnership and Immersion. 

Because of the African Immersion experience I have:
…developed a much deeper knowledge and understanding of the history, identity, challenges and joys of those forging the African spirit
….enjoyed the privilege of experiencing so many lives, stories and hope-filled dreams that have all contributed to my experience of the world and offered a greater understanding of myself and the divine
…..gained a greater understanding of the significance of developing partnerships with our vulnerable populations in order to generate positive change
….opened my eyes, my heart and mind to recognising that while suffering is world-wide, hope and action are working side by side to produce change – change that although slow, resilience will make it an eventual reality.
…a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges of life in South Africa and Kenya and greater clarity of the purpose, need and power of education to liquidate poverty.
….grown in appreciation of the difference individuals can make to their own lives, the immediate community and the world
….been touched by the spirit of what it is to be human and the potential to make change in the world no matter how small – ‘every marathon starts with one step’
….learnt more about what happens within Edmund Rice communities around the world through EREBB.
….seen that relationships underpin advocacy and works of justice are to build the common good for all our brothers and sisters of humanity – Ubuntu as our breaking bread together!
……a greater appreciation of the interconnectedness of all people and our shared efforts to build a more just and inclusive world

Because of the African Immersion experience I will:
…..keep the drumbeat of Africa alive in my heart and head and will use my heart, head and hands to work with ‘partners’ and to work collaboratively with my community such that I will be part of change here and at home
…work with the young people in my community to grow their voices and become agents for a better world
….attempt to continue to live a life whereby judgements, preconceptions and selfishness play no part and aim to build strong, meaningful relationships with those within my communities in Australia.
….engage more deeply, listen more attentively, be less judgemental and be more appreciative of life’s gifts and opportunities
… committed to bring my understanding to my world – my home, my school and my community and so contribute to the communion of others in making the world a better place.
….become a stronger voice for the poor and marginalised through both words and actions, share my experiences as part of walking this world differently, love more deeply and be moved by the spirit
…teach and lead my own staff and family to hopefully make the world a better place
….become more pro-active within and for my community
….never take things for granted nor forget those who gave me a different perspective of life
….elevate and prioritise the importance of relationship with my family, my community, my workplace and my country by sharing story and listening; support and promote the “little Mandela’s and give voice to hope.
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