An program for senior leaders in EREA schools and Oceania Ministries.

Why Break Every Yoke?

As women and men working to build a better world for all, we are “challenged to speak with authority as a prophetic voice in the Church and in the world. Liberation requires us to be present to others in a way that respects their dignity, worldview, hopes and dreams and invites us to work collaboratively with communities to experience mutual transformation.” (The Good Seed Will Grow).

Program Objectives

This program intends to build upon the Into the Deep program by providing:

  • a valued leadership experience that  deepens an appreciation and understanding of the mission of Edmund Rice Communities for today and a desire to contribute to this mission in their community and the wider network (of schools and/or ministries regionally, nationally, globally) from a leadership perspective
  • exposure to leading concepts of ideas relating to leadership, education and mission
  • a space to engage in personal reflection and story-sharing about individual leadership journeys and to determine ways of emerging into new possibilities for leadership and personal growth
  • an experience of engaging with the marginalised in order to open up the possibilities for transformation
  • an opportunity to consider aspects of leadership from theological, spiritual and educational perspectives within the context of mission and charism for today
  • an enriching experience of networking and story-sharing that patterns the ways in which meaning is shared through participation in conversation and inquiry
  • an experience and exploration of what it means and what it could mean to be a part of the EREA and Oceania Province network to support and emerge into leadership within their individual area of influence relevant to the strategic directions of Oceania Province and EREA – to inquire into challenges, share successes, develop new initiatives and possibilities
  • an experience of being a learning community and an inquiry into what it might mean to continue as a learning community that supports and informs leadership for mission
  • opportunities to find connections with schools and communities for formation and learning to continue

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn: 

  • a deeper understanding of the Life of Jesus – the qualities that defined him (liberator, includer…), what this suggests about human flourishing and leadership for mission today
  • a deeper understanding of the Charism of Edmund and his countercultural response to the signs of the times – what this requires as a leader – the challenges, the opportunities 
  • About stories of ‘the other’ – the marginalised 
  • To develop, inquire and reflect upon their understanding of leadership within a Charism based organisation.
  • To explore the heart centred spirituality of Edmund and look at some spiritual practices to nurture their own spiritual journey 
  • to develop skills that support ongoing learning, self-understanding and ways of being for mission (reflective practice, conversation, dialogue, journaling etc)

Program Resources

The Call to Break Every Yoke - Reflection and Reconnection

Program Dates for 2018

28 Feb - 2 March 2018
Mulgoa Retreat Centre, NSW

30 May - 1 June 2018
Campion Spirituality Centre, Kew, VIC