A Call to Mission – Galilee

An induction program for people new to EREA schools and Edmund Rice communities

This two-day, non-residential program provides an opportunity to meet people from other schools and ministries, to listen to their stories and to share hopes and expectations. Through dialogue, input and reflection, participants are invited to engage with what it means to be part of an Edmund Rice community and consider the ways in which they can contribute to an inclusive, global network.

A Call to Mission – Galilee provides an introduction to the four sacred stories that are the source of inspiration for our mission as Edmund Rice communities: the Mystery we name God, the Life of Jesus, the Response of Edmund and Our Participation.

The program draws upon the priorities that Jesus sets for his mission in Mark’s Gospel (1:14-15): being good news, responding to the present, holding a vision of a better world and calling others to action. A Call to Mission – Galilee offers participants an opportunity to explore how they bring this “good news” to life.

Participation in A Call to Mission:
Connects you with other members of the Edmund Rice community;
Enriches your understanding of the religious and cultural context of your community;
Builds your confidence to engage in dialogue about EREA’s educational priorities;
Enhances your appreciation of the gifts that you bring to your community.
Previous program participants have said:
“The program reaffirmed for me why I do what I do!"
“It reinforced for me the need for each person to feel valued; I am now more conscious of the positive impact I can have on others”
“I was inspired to become more involved in justice activities”
“I now appreciate the true purpose and focus of my work”
Participation in this program can be used to fulfil accreditation requirements in some dioceses
Programs Dates for 2018

Eastern Region

7 and 8 March 2018
MacKillop Centre, North Sydney
12 and 13 June 2018
MacKillop Centre, North Sydney
13 and 14 Sept 2018
ACU, North Sydney

Northern Region

15 and 16 March 2018
Mercy Centre, Bardon
1 and 2 May 2018
Mercy Centre, Bardon

Southern Region

9 and 10 May 2018
Treacy Centre, Parkville
6 and 7 June 2018
Treacy Centre, Parkville

Western Region
(South Australia)

21 and 22 March 2018
St Paul's Monastery, Glen Osmond
16 and 17 May 2018
St Paul's Monastery, Glen Osmond

Western Region
(Western Australia)

14 and 15 March 2018
Newman Siena Centre, Doubleview
22 and 23 May 2018
Newman Siena Centre, Doubleview

School-based Provision
In special circumstances, the EREA Identity and Liberating Education Team may be available to work at a school level to support staff to meet their Induction requirements.

How to apply

Secure a nomination from your School then complete the registration form.
Registrations for 2018 now open!

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For more information contact formation@erea.edu.au or phone 03 9426 3200

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