Walking in the Footsteps of Edmund Past & Present - Collaboration between Oceania Province and Edmund Rice Education Australia

Sunday September 18 to Saturday October 1, 2016

Target Audience: Senior leaders in Oceania Province and Ministries, Edmund Rice Education Australia schools and Associate schools.

Many stories have been handed down about the founder of the Christian Brothers, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice: born in Callan in 1762, he established his first school in Waterford in 1802 and died there in 1844. These stories help to shape our identity as women and men who follow in Edmund’s footsteps. They reveal what we hold to be important and open a window on the Gospel of Jesus that inspired Edmund to open his whole heart to the poor and place his energies with those on the margins of society. These stories come to life as we walk the very streets that Edmund walked and visit the places of his birth, life and death. We must also remember that these stories are given life today through the work of those who continue to teach and minister in the name of Edmund, throughout Ireland and the rest of the world. During this pilgrimage we will have the opportunity to walk with local people and hear some of their stories as well.


The pilgrimage will also provide us with opportunities to explore the roots of Celtic spirituality and the Irish Church in the sacred landscape of Glendalough, where we will visit the ancient monastic settlement of St Kevin. We will also have an opportunity to meet the Presentation Sisters, who inspired Edmund; the Presentation Brothers, who were also founded by Edmund; and the Sisters of Mercy, whose heritage is also in Ireland.

We will begin our pilgrimage in Geneva with Edmund Rice International (ERI). ERI is one of the new expressions of Edmund’s Charism working as a NGO at the United Nations. ERI focuses its work on education and advocacy in Human Rights and Care of the Earth with particular emphasis on the Rights of the Child.


The Itinerary will include the following (subject to change):
  • Edmund Rice International and the United Nations in Geneva.
  • Participation in Human Rights Education sessions as well as the opportunity to attend sessions and side events at the United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Pilgrim visits to key Edmund Rice Sites in Ireland, including: Edmund’s birthplace, Callan; Edmund Rice Centre, Mount Sion, Waterford; Edmund Rice Centre Mardyke, Cork; 
  • Opportunities to meet Christian Brothers, Presentation Brothers, Presentation Sisters and Sisters of Mercy (at Mercy International Centre, Baggot Street);
  • Talks by key Edmund Rice people in Ireland;
  • Visits to Edmund Rice Schools / Ministries; 
  • Walking tours of Edmund Rice cities - Kilkenny & Waterford;
  • Visits and admissions to some of the following key Irish sites: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Glendalough, Kilkenny Castle, Blarney Castle, Cobh Heritage Centre & Newgrange.


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