If we dare to invite Jesus to live in our hearts forever, what does it mean to live Jesus in our hearts today?

In days like these, the words of Yeats find traction, “things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”. So what then, in times such as these, where the weight of power (over) and seemingly greater inequality presses down, might it mean to live Jesus in our hearts? What might it mean to live into an answer in an era where what is claimed as true is so arbitrary? 

Our intent to offer an education that equips young people to carry and claim an unwavering commitment to live the Gospel is the essence of our response.  Are you ready and willing for such a challenge? Surely, there can be no greater gift? A life so lived invokes the dangerous memory of Jesus and the laying down of one’s life for others.

If we are to be true to this vision, we have work to do ourselves and indeed it lies in giving our hearts over.  The trace of this surrender is a movement of the Spirit, “(inspiring) imagination and (inviting) us to live creatively with life’s questions.” It leads us to a necessary, “... shift in our worldview, opening us to a deeper level of relationship with God and neighbour”, so that we might, “… speak with authority as a prophetic voice in the Church and in the world.” (The Good Seed Will Grow: A Formation Framework for Edmund Rice Communities in Oceania).

If it is this that we seek and desire, that our young people witness and encounter our participation with this presence, then they too will walk the Gospel way.

So the question remains, what does it mean for you today that Jesus might live in your heart?  This is not about having the answer, but about having faith so that you can live into a response.

To be open enough to meet the person of Jesus, so that you too might be as courageous as Edmund in your response.

Are you willing to meet Jesus?  The same Jesus who, upon seeing Zaccheus and being taken by his heart’s desire to see him, invited him to come down?

Take the first step in faith, you do not need to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” 

- Dr Martin Luther King Jr

The most radical gift we can give our students is to be willing to turn up as our deepest selves, allowing our truth to shine.  We need to find a way for this encounter to happen so that Jesus, through you, continues to live in our hearts, forever.