Drawn by our vision for fullness of life, EREA stands ready to respond to Pope Francis’ urgent call to come together to care for our common home by launching the Sustainability at EREA initiative.




Sustainability at EREA - Join Us

With over 35,000 young people across our country, we have a unique opportunity to come together to care for our common home.

Join us in shaping an exciting and joy-filled future where all life can live into liberation and possibility.

To find out what's in store, read the announcement letter from our Executive Director, Dr Wayne Tinsey. 

Announcement Letter


Our Pathway Home Together

As we set out on our journey, our pathway home will be paved by our coming together to learn, co-inquire and co-create an emerging future.

We pray that it might transform our hearts and minds.

To glimpse the horizon ahead, we have created a series of posters that can be used to tell the story of what we hope this initiative and the future it seeks to create will enable.

Sustainability at EREA Narrative Poster - short 

Sustainability at EREA Narrative Poster - Long 



How to Get Involved

We have developed a range of resources to enable us to come together and care for our common home. As well as providing the narrative posters and resources to engage in the storytelling campaign, we have also provided a set of Laudato si’ postcards that can be used for reflection.

Sustainability at EREA Laudato si Postcard Resource

Sustainability at EREA Storytelling Campaign Toolkit

Sustainability at EREA Narrative Poster - Short

Sustainability at EREA Narrative Poster - Long

Sustainability at EREA Storytelling Campaign Outline


Sharing stories to renew our connection to 'our common home'



Our First Steps Home - Sharing our stories

To launch Sustainability at EREA, we are embarking upon a storytelling campaign. We invite you to share your story of advocating for the rights of all people and our planet.  Making our practices more visible might set our schools on the path envisaged by Pope Francis. One where. "everything is interconnected and genuine care for our own lives and our relationships with nature is inseparable from fraternity, justice and faithfulness to others." (LS 70).

 Sustainability at EREA Storytelling Campaign Outline


Your Storytelling Toolkit

This toolkit will help you tell your story as a journey board, video or podcast. It also includes a guide for teachers to assist students in this creative process. All you need is at your fingertips and by telling your story, you will be joining thousands of other young people across the country in helping to shine a light on the work that schools across the EREA Network are doing to care for our common home. 

Sustainability at EREA Storytelling Campaign Toolkit


Gathering Our Collective Voice

Held side by side in Canberra, the EREA Principals Conference (May 31- June 2) and the National Gathering for Sustainability (June 1) will bring our network together to co-inquire and co-create our emerging future. With stories from the storytelling campaign harvested, we will have the opportunity to reflect on where we are, while we also take the time to create new possibilities. Stay tuned for more information about registering for the National Gathering for Sustainability.


Resources to help us care for our common home