Edmund Rice Education Australia granted canonical and civil status as a Church and legal body in its own right.

On 1st May 2013, Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), which provides Catholic education throughout every State and Territory of Australia, took another step in assuming full responsibility for schools established by the Christian Brothers. The signing of agreements to transfer accountability follows the granting of canonical and civil status to EREA as a Church and legal body in its own right.

In Australia, the Christian Brothers have, for almost one hundred and fifty years, continued the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and created a magnificent story in Catholic education. Edmund Rice Education Australia was established by the Christian Brothers in October 2007 after many years of planning, with the intention of carrying on their educational mission into the future.

For the first five years of EREA’s story, it acted on delegated authority from the Brothers to conduct, govern and manage their schools. At the end of 2012, after an application to Rome, EREA was granted Public Juridic Person status; its own identity in the Catholic Church. In early 2013, EREA was also recognized in Civil law as a separately incorporated body.

As a result of this recognition, and because of the forward thinking of the Christian Brothers, EREA now has full stewardship and governance for the majority of its schools and educational facilities across Australia under the name of Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia.

In close collaboration with our Australian Church, EREA continues the mission of Jesus Christ, helping young people to arrive at the fullness of Christian life through the provision of quality Catholic education. Through excellence in Catholic education, EREA seeks to transform the minds and hearts of young Australians to build a more just, tolerant and inclusive community in educating for liberation and possibility.
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