Edmund Rice Education Australia invites members of school communities to participate in decision making processes through membership of the School Board. EREA recognises the service, wisdom and expertise provided by School Boards and is committed to continuing to provide support and to enhance the important role they undertake in the governance of EREA Schools.

EREA School Boards work collaboratively with School Principals and with the EREA National and Regional Executive to provide quality stewardship aimed at offering the best possible learning environment for students attending schools. Such a role will ensure that the School remains faithful to the EREA Charter and to be sustainable into the future.

Chairs of School Boards are appointed by the EREA Executive Director on advice from the Principal and Regional Director / Chair Youth+ and after consultation with the local community.

The DESIGN for EREA School Boards (The Design)

The Design applies to all schools governed by EREA. It has been developed to provide clarity for EREA School Board members on the role of School Boards. It further outlines the responsibilities of EREA School Boards; appointment processes; as well as providing information pertaining to size and composition of EREA School Boards, committees and working parties, and the EREA School Board Handbook.

The DESIGN acknowledges, guides and supports those who serve on a School Board in the realisation of Edmund’s dream for a liberating education for all in our schools.

Download "The DESIGN for EREA School Boards"

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