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In September 2018, over two hundred members of the Edmund Rice Education Australia national community, representing all our schools, gathered in Melbourne at the second EREA Congress. Through the lens of the EREA Charter and Touchstones, we were challenged to consider the new horizons for our mission in education. From this gathering, and guided by extensive consultation, the EREA Strategic Directions 2020-2024 have emerged.

It is our ongoing quest to support the formation of over 38,000 children and young people, so that they “may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). The EREA Council, Board and Executive affirm their commitment to these directions and the ongoing transformation we must pursue in the next five years. This period will see the culmination of many courageous, ground-breaking and defining steps towards excellence, leadership and inclusion.

Just as Jesus fed five thousand followers (Luke 9:10-17), we invite the EREA community to renew its commitment to the present and future nourishment of our world. Additionally, we encourage the view that the language and actions of hope will overcome the language and actions of fear. We believe that nothing is insurmountable and that we will continue to raise our voices, shift our thinking, share our resources and build the relationships required to teach and to learn in the name of Edmund Rice.

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