Sustainability at EREA
EREA Energy Efficiency Program
As a way of providing support for schools to continue their efforts in caring for our common home, EREA has engaged with energy services provider, VERDIA to work with schools to find ways to become more sustainable and reduce electricity costs.

The Program is an attempt by EREA to respond to the essence of EREA's Principals' Statement on Ecological Sustainability: Solidarity through Care for our Common Home.

The program includes a tailored feasibility assessment of the costs and benefits of using onsite solar power and more efficient LED lighting at each school, along with the support for project design, procurement, delivery and financing. 

The first phase of this project is to conduct a feasibility assessment that can then be used to ascertain the viability of engaging in the development and delivery of the solar and lighting initiatives identified in the assessment.

VERDIA will be working with the EREA Executive to provide any information required by schools to assist with decision making and enquiries.

For further information, please contact Luke Edwards at  or phone 0427381947 or you can contact Damian Ward, Director, Project Advisory at Verdia at or 0409 000 708.

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