World Environment Day 2018

In anticipation of World Environment Day, which will be marked and celebrated on Tuesday 5 June, it is with great excitement that we release the EREA Principals’ Sustainability Statement to you and your communities.

To mark the release of this Statement on Ecological Sustainability, we are inviting schools to participate in the United Nations Talanoa Dialogue and to sign the Live Laudato pledge – both expressions of global solidarity in caring for our common home.

EREA Principals’ Statement: Solidarity through Care for Our Common Home
Significantly, this work reflects our commitment to care for our common home and the learning we shared together, most evident at the EREA Sustainability Gathering of Principals and Ecological Educators in June 2017.

Designed to bring together wisdom from Laudato si’ and the inspiration of the EREA Charter and our own insights, it is hoped that this statement will be useful in guiding discussions in your school and provide a framework for raising awareness and initiating action within the curriculum, in decision-making processes and in establishing advocacy programs. Most importantly, at a time when young people are seeking leadership in areas which demand change, this statement is a clear indication of our support.
Join the Global Chorus and share your story!

Join with other EREA schools participating in the United Nations Talanoa Dialogue and share your story with the world.

In partnership with Edmund Rice International (ERI) and ERA for Change, EREA is joining in the United Nations Talanoa Dialogue for climate ambition. We want your school to be a leading voice. Help us highlight the work of your school so we can share the efforts you are making to care for our common home with the rest of the planet.

How to enter?

Gather your storytellers and create a short video or audio about your commitment to caring for our common home. Use the following questions (1 minute each) Where are we?, Where do we want to go?, How do we get there?. Once completed provide a written response to these 3 questions by completing the template.

Download Promotional Flyer

Send your video/audio and completed template to 

EREA will collate the stories and written responses make a submission to the United Nations Talanoa Dialogue on behalf of schools that participate.

Pope Francis calls on us to sign the Laudato Si’ Pledge
The Laudato Si’ Pledge is a worldwide campaign by the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) and its member organizations to raise awareness of the Laudato Si’ message and to encourage the Catholic community to take action with the urgency required by the climate crisis. Sign the pledge to receive resources on how to #LiveLaudatoSi and to connect to a global movement coming together to care for our common home.

For more information about this initiative please email or phone 03 9426 3200

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