Charter Leadership Awards 2019

Recognising the outstanding contribution of men and women in the service of their school communities in support of the vision and mission of EREA

About the Awards

Through the annual presentation of these awards, Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) seeks to recognise the outstanding contribution of men and women in the service of their school communities in support of the vision and mission of EREA. By directly linking these awards to the Charter, we celebrate the many diverse ways that the four Touchstones are brought to life as a powerful expression of the charism of Edmund Rice alive today. In addition, the awards recognise the significant leadership role of men and women in our schools and the impact that their leadership has on the lives of others.

Award Categories

School communities will be able to nominate one person each year in each of the following categories:

Touchstone - Liberating Education
Liberating Education Award
Touchstone - Gospel Spirituality
Gospel Spirituality Award
Touchstone - Inclusive Community
Inclusive Community Award
Touchstone - Justice and Solidarity
Justice and Solidarity Award
Selection Criteria

For each award, the recipient will have demonstrated outstanding leadership in his/her community and through his/her commitment, exemplified the true meaning of an authentic Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition.

Nominations must include specific examples of each nominee's commitment to the Charter and how, through his /her actions, the school community has benefitted from his/her leadership. Note: a significant one-off event may be considered worthy of a nomination.

The online nomination form contains specific reference to the expressions of the Touchstones in action (as articulated in the EREA Charter) and these may be used as a guide in completing the nomination.


The awards are open to all staff members, Board members and volunteers who have been part of an EREA community  (or communities) for at least three years. A person can only be nominated in one category in any one year. An award recipient may be nominated in another category in the following year. The awards are open to individuals in recognition of their service as members of their school community.

Selection Panel

The selection panel for the EREA Charter Leadership Awards will comprise of one nomination from each of the following groups: An EREA Regional Director (Chair); A School Board Chair nominated by the Executive Director; and 2 Principals.

The panel will forward its recommendations to the Executive Director for consideration.

Award Winners

Recipients of the EREA Charter Leadership Awards will be invited to attend a special celebration as part of the Annual EREA Principals' Thanksgiving Mass and Dinner. Award winners will each be presented with a special plaque and a certificate, together with a $1000 professional learning scholarship to assist them with their future personal and professional development.

How to nominate

Nominations are to be made by the Principal of the School.

Nominations for 2019 are now closed.

Charter Leadership Awards 2019 Brochure & Poster

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