Identity Leaders
Tracing the story of our Identity
Hearing and responding to the call of liberation.
The character of our educational ministry is reflected in the Papal Brief of 1820, where Blessed Edmund and his followers were given approval as a Congregation, to: ‘make it their principal care to teach children, particularly the poor, the things necessary for a virtuous life.’ In taking up the cause of the education of the masses, Blessed Edmund was, in fact, challenging the injustices of that society. His unique insight into the Gospel was a call to support the most vulnerable, those at the margins, by means of education which was directed to personal and social liberation. His was an insightful vision that viewed education as an emancipatory process for personal growth, one that acknowledged and responded to the social needs of the time.

Having inherited this foundation, Edmund Rice Education Australia strives to respond to this same call by offering a liberating education, based on a Gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community committed to justice and solidarity.

In daring to remain true to our founding inspiration, our evolving commitment to responding to the signs of the times draws us into a global solidarity. As such, our schools are called to live out the radical message of love and inclusion which Jesus lived and preached, particularly in regards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, refugees, people of other faiths, races, sexual orientation and gender. This hope for transformation calls EREA communities into critical reflection ensuring that the charism of Edmund Rice  (his unique gift of service for the people of God) is lived out faithfully within the agenda of this world.

This Charism of liberation, compassion and presence drives us and draws us into closer relationship with Christ, with each other and with the earth itself.

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