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National Identity Leaders Conference (2017)
"To let all things flow" - Exploring a Spirituality for Justice

“As we learn not to harden and brace even in the face of what appears to be ultimate darkness, but to let all things flow in that great river of kenosis…we come to know – and finally become – the river itself, which circulates through all things as the hidden dynamism of love.” (Cynthia Bourgeault, The Wisdom Jesus, page 74)

This year’s gathering will provide an opportunity to explore what is required and what enables, both within oneself and a community at large, the flow of God’s love. This movement is captured in our Formation Framework as follows: “Our relationship with the Mystery of the Divine deepens when we dare to imagine a vision of creation brought to wholeness and, with the open heartedness of Mary, risk participation in the creativity of life as God’s partners”. (p.8 The Good Seed Will Grow). In gathering around this focus, we will be attempting to name the shape of what might come to make up a spirituality for justice - the practices, skills, dispositions (from our own tradition, other wisdom sources, our own experiences and even from the emerging future) that might ready us to dare a vision of wholeness, to be open-hearted and to risk participation as God’s partners.

Key outcomes for the gathering

  • To provide a personally enriching, prayerful experience for Identity Leaders
  • To uncover ways (practices) that might enable and support the growth of their own spirituality
  • To offer the opportunity to explore the theological and spiritual implications of justice as it applies to the mission of EREA and their own lives
  • To provide learning opportunities that stretch our people to expand their worldview
  • To come together as a learning community to experience how conversation and encounter can open and change us
  • To develop an understanding of insights in relation to peace and justice as expressed in the Peace and Justice Framework

Frame for the gathering

Our way of entering into an exploration of a spirituality for justice – exploring its nature- will be through the implications of The Magnificat and what this text offers by way of encountering God’s liberating presence in the world.

Drawing on The Magnificat enables:

  • a way of exploring the concept of justice through the wisdom of our tradition
  • reference to the personal and global interconnections that are played out within the text and the implications therein for Identity Leaders and their respective school communities
  • illustration of how one’s personal story of liberation is bound up in the movement of God and the greater movement of liberation
  • to focus on Mary as a model of responding to God’s invitation
  • how we attend to God’s call (Prayer/surrender)/how we respond (waiting/Yes)

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