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EChO Across EREA
Learning together as a national community in mission to intentionally co-create an ‘eco-system’ of care across EREA

In Term 4 2018, we will commence a new learning initiative designed to deepen a stronger sense of an ecological worldview. This activity will launch EChO Across EREA – a learning initiative that hopes to offer the national EREA community a pathway for learning and discovering together about the way we are called to care for our common home. 

Its development has emerged in response to the EREA Principals’ Statement: Solidarity through Care for our Common Home, with a concern for offering a forum for inquiry and learning together about and for an ecological consciousness that can shift our hearts and minds. As an initiating activity, we hope that this pilot enables other learning communities to emerge across EREA so that our learning can continue to evolve.

 The Vision for EChO Across EREA

To come together as a national community in mission and intentionally co-create an ‘eco-system’ of care across EREA that is woven together by the skills, practices and attitudes that emerge out of our learning and commitment to find ways of caring for our common home.

The Purpose of the EChO Across EREA Initiating Pilot

The purpose of this initiating activity is to bring together three learning communities from within EREA to begin EChO Across EREA. On behalf of the national community, these three learning communities will immerse themselves in learning that explore an ecological worldview with the intention of ‘bouncing back’ to the wider network a proposed set of guiding principles, skills, habits and dispositions that can inform the collective emergence of an ecological consciousness.

Who are the three learning communities that will make up the EChO Across EREA Initiating Pilot?

    Ecological Educators from the Southern Region
    EREA National Executive
    EREA Sustainability Committee
 What does this initiative hope to offer participants?
   An immersive learning experience that combines wisdom and insights from thought leaders in the fields of sustainability, ecological justice, eco-theology and spirituality as well as the opportunity for educators and colleagues across EREA to learn and inquire together.
   An opportunity to contribute to the shaping of an ecological consciousness across the EREA national community.

For further information, please contact Luke Edwards or 0427381947

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