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Announcing the Integral Ecology Project

Integral Ecology Project 2020-2014

As part of the soon to be announced Strategic Directions for 2020-2024, EREA is committed to enabling an ecological paradigm shift. To support this transformation, we will be leading an Integral Ecology Project (IEP) to run across the life span of this strategic directions cycle. The first phase of the IEP will focus on engaging a variety of groups across the national EREA community throughout 2020. A critical group to engage will be the EChO across EREA Communities of Practice (CoP). Beginning in 2019 with a pilot group from the Southern Region at the beginning of Term 1, another EChO across EREA CoP was formed in Term 3. You can check out the journey so far here.

Expressions of Interest to be a part of EChO across EREA CoP's in 2020

We are looking for expressions of interest from educators across EREA who are interested in being a part of an EChO across EREA Community of Practice.
Please note that the scheduling and location for the EChO across EREA Community of Practice is subject to change, depending upon the level of interest and location (ie, where the interest comes from). Given that we have supported the emergence of CoP in the Southern and Northern Region already, priority will be given to other regions, however, this is dependent on interest. We still want to know of interest from the Southern and Northern Regions.

What’s involved in being a part of an EChO across EREA Community of Practice?

  • 3 face to face meetings with other educators interspersed with research and reflective learning activities
  • Sharing your insights and perspectives to help EREA better understand how we can work together to support an ecological shift
  • Practicing new ways of thinking and being that can support and enable an ecological paradigm shift.
  • Engagement with insights from thought leaders in the fields of sustainability, ecological justice, eco-theology and spirituality.

Outcomes we aim for:

Build capacity of educators to support an ecological shift within their school community

Deepen an awareness of integral ecology and the implications it holds for the education we seek to provide

Create a community of practice within the region that can sustain itself and link to other communities of practice across the wider EREA national community.

To notify us of your interest to be a part of an EChO across EREA Communities of Practice, go here.

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