The National Response Protocol

The National Response Protocol is an internal church document that outlines the Churches response to complaints of abuse and the procedures that must be followed after a complaint is made to a Church authority.

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Integrity in Ministry

This document serves as a code of conduct for Catholic Clergy and Religious in Australia. Integrity in Ministry sets out guidelines for behaviour that integrates both Religious and day-today Ministry.

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Integrity in the Service of the Church

This document is a guide and code of conduct for any lay person involved in work with the Church. This includes Employees, Volunteers and Contractors.

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Edition Two – National Catholic Safeguarding Standards

“EREA has welcomed the release of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards Edition 2. The Standards, which have been adopted by the Catholic Church in Australia, create a framework for Catholic entities to promote the safety of children and adults at risk of abuse.

NCSS Ed.2 addressed the safeguarding requirements of adults (with a focus on adults at risk of abuse) by both reflecting the duty of care owed to everyone, as well as recognising that there are particular risk-factors that cause some to be more susceptible to abuse.

Adults at risk of abuse are adults over the age of 18 who have certain risk factors that may cause them to be at a higher risk of suffering abuse. Risk factors can include but are not limited to being elderly, suffering from mental health concerns, adults from a culturally or linguistically diverse background, and experience of transient risk such as grief.”

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