Ecology – EChO across EREA

Across this ancient land, EREA educates almost 39,000 students in over 50 schools. We are committed to shifting the world towards an eco-system of care that is more in sync with life’s rhythm.

From apathy to advocacy

from apathy to awe

from over-consumption to communion

from isolation to solidarity

from division to compassion

from wounding to healing

From waste to wisdom

From me to we

from scarcity to abundance

from greed to gratitude

from fixed to flow

from hate to hope

from fear to love

In solidarity, we seek to gather our collective voice and creative potential to advocate for and nurture the sustained flourishing of all life on earth. To create a shift in the world that enables all who call this planet home, and all future generations, to experience the beauty, joy and wonder that it brings.

We are ready to shift towards even greater advocacy by putting more energy into cultivating a collective movement across EREA that the beauty of our world and the preciousness of all life calls us to.

We are proud of our mission inspired commitment to justice and solidarity. Join us as we learn to create an eco-system of care across our one common and precious home.


Learn, Connect, Nourish, Nurture

Launched in 2020, the Integral Ecology Project will run to 2024 and is designed to co-create the future we seek. A key driver of this change are EChO across EREA Communities of Practice which you can find out about here. If you are interested in joining, send an email to


Stand alongside Generation Earth and sign the Laudato si’ pledge

Support the work of the Pacific Calling Partnership

Join in the work of ERA for Change

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