EREA Board Committees

Child Safeguarding Committee

Assists the Board to implement strategies to embed a culture of child safeguarding in EREA schools and across the organisation.
Chair: Cynthia Rowan

Governance Committee

Keeps the organisation’s corporate governance arrangements under review for continuous improvement.
Chair: Dr Sue Vollert

Stewardship & Resources Committee

Focusses on policy, strategic review of EREA’s financial performance and the implementation of EREA’s strategic directions related to resourcing and organisational sustainability.
Chair: Mark Anderson

Risk & Assurance Committee

Assists the Board to ensure compliance and maintain active line of sight to the operation and performance of EREA schools.
Chair: Prof Alan Rix

Remuneration Review Committee

Advises the Board on the compensation, bonuses, incentives and remuneration of the EREA Executive Director and National Directors.
Chair: Mark Anderson

SKC Support & Oversight Committee

Assists in effective and timely oversight of St Kevin’s College to ensure decisions are made having regard to the agreed strategic directions and in the best interest of the safety, wellbeing and appropriate education of the students.
Chair: Paul Linossier & Paul O’Malley