EREA National Deputies and HOCs Conference

The Gospel inspired theme for the 2021 EREA DP/HOC Conference, Sowing the Seeds, brought together three provocative keynote speakers that each touched on how schools can ignite the passion of learners.  The 80 delegates that logged on from across Australia were challenged by Sophie Fenton to embrace Volatility, Uncertainty Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) learning.  The second speaker, Patrick O’Leary, spoke about how schools can support students to develop healthy behaviours amidst divergent masculinities.  Peter Hutton then chimed in and lobbed a few disruptive ideas into the intermittent break out discussions groups to upturn conventional thinking on how schools can radically embrace student voice to engage the learner.  Tying these threads together was moderator, critical friend and MC, Tony Ryan, who kept the Conference moving at a lively pace to keep delegates focused.

The Conference was also an opportunity to launch the EREA Climate Crisis Statement and listen to presentations from members of the EREA National Executive including Adam Taylor, Ray Paxton and the Executive Director, Dr Craig Wattam who gave the closing address.  These sessions gave a context to the current educational landscape in Australian on the eve of the launch of the EREA Liberating Practice Framework under new executive leadership.

Thank you to the members of the Conference Planning Committee for their outstanding organisation and inspirational work.  The team includes Therese Wilson from SBC Essendon, Mark Aiello from Parade College, Jeanette Hartley from Nano Nagle FSN, Paul Shannon from St Kevin’s College and Jo Hart, Regina Lee and Mark Walsh from the EREA National Office.

Diarmuid O’Riordan

EREA Regional Director