School Renewal

St Patrick's College Shorncliffe

School Renewal in Edmund Rice Schools is a life giving process by which a school community is helped to critically reflect on its nature as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition and to identify ways for continuous improvement. The objective of renewal is positive change for the school community.


Renewal is activated within the context of the Gospel and the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice as expressed in Church and Edmund Rice Education Identity documents, particularly the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition. The core aspects of Identity, expressed in the four Touchstones of the Charter, form the lens through which the school is invited to look at its policies, structures, practices, culture and relationships.

The outcomes of the renewal process will be used by the EREA Board in accrediting the school as being an authentic Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.

School renewal is not a process of inspection or checking adherence to curriculum or legislative requirements. These areas are monitored through school registration processes managed by other bodies. School Renewal focuses on authenticity to catholicity and charism, with schools focussing on how they see the Charter being a lived reality within the school.

Schools participate in School Renewal every five years.

Schools are supported in Renewal by the Identity Directorate which briefs the community, through the school leadership and Board, and provides an external panel to validate the reflection process undertaken by the school. The panel writes a Renewal Report and recommends accreditation as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition to the Executive Director and EREA Board.

Two crucial phases follow. The first is the holding of a special event at the school to receive the Renewal Report and celebrate the renewal journey undertaken and ongoing accreditation. The second is the implementation of outcomes of the Renewal process by incorporating recommendations into ongoing school planning and reporting processes.


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