The Good Seed Will Grow

A Formation Framework for Edmund Rice Communities in Oceania

This Formation Framework is the result of a partnership between Oceania Province and Edmund Rice Education Australia. It draws upon the Foundations contained in the EREA Formation Framework (2007) and the Oceania document, Conversation of Hearts: A Framework For Formation (2008). It thus replaces these two former documents.

The Framework draws upon the core documentation and experience of Christian Brothers Oceania Province and Edmund Rice Education Australia, as well as the insights gained through community dialogue about formation conducted during 2013. It grows out of a strong and vibrant partnership between these two entities which have provided quality formation experiences across Oceania since 2007. It is  also informed by the current thinking of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers, as expressed in Our Way into the Future. Finally,  it draws inspiration from Scripture and  the Tradition of the Catholic Church, particularly  as currently expressed by Pope Francis.

In addition to drawing together our two former frameworks, this Framework seeks to reimagine the way we look at formation for mission in our communities. It takes, as its starting point, Our Sacred Story and then explores how the Dynamic of Formation emerges from and continues to animate this story.

This Framework is neither exhaustive nor inclusive of the full depth and breadth of formation. As such it intends primarily to address the formation needs of people working in Edmund Rice communities. These communities exist as part of the wider Catholic Church, as well as the “community of kin” that is life on Earth. In light of this we acknowledge that people will seek and experience formation outside of and beyond our communities, as well as within them. It is our hope, however, that all within our communities will find a place where their own personal gifts might contribute to the greater good of all.

“As believers, we also feel close to those who do not consider themselves part of any religious tradition, yet sincerely seek the truth, goodness and beauty which we believe have their highest expression and source in God. We consider them as precious allies in the commitment to defending human dignity, in building peaceful coexistence between peoples and in protecting creation.”

-Pope Francis, 2013, Evangelii Gaudium, #257

The Good Seed Will Grow