Forming for Mission

Each element provides us with ways to interpret, integrate and to engage with Our Sacred Story in order to continue to bring that story to life. The Visualisation captures the continuous movement of The Sails emerging from and spiralling through Our Sacred Story.
Objectives_for_Formation v2The unfolding spiral of the Mystery of the Divine, which we have named Our Sacred Story, unfurls into life, drawing with it new revelations of God in the life of Jesus, the response of Edmund and indeed, our participation. As Our Sacred Story unfolds, “…breathing life into and evoking wholeness within all creation.”, it interacts with the transforming energies of Spirit, Relationship and Liberation; energies we name as the Dynamics of Formation and have symbolised visually as sails. This interaction animates opportunities to interpret, integrate and engage with Our Sacred Story so that the story can continually be brought to life.

Most importantly, this story is incomplete without our participation; a participation that is invited through a range of formative experiences that dares, “… to imagine a vision of creation brought to wholeness and , with the open heartedness of Mary, risk participation in the creativity of life as God’s partners.”

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