Global Staff Opportunities

The following opportunities are available to EREA staff in 2021. Register your interest to learn more.

Global Staff Connections and Development

Opportunities exist for schools to virtually connect with staff from our global schools. This could take the form of a guest speaker at a staff meeting, a group of educators sharing with others from a like school around professional practice or a regular update about the situation in other countries.

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Global Perspectives in the Australian Curriculum

Integrating global perspectives across the curriculum allows students to be able to learn more deeply about the world and how to be an advocate for it. EREA is able to facilitate Professional Development sessions for staff in how to integrate these into Key Learning Areas.

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Global Zoominars

EREBB will once again be offering global zoominars with guest speakers this year. These were highly appreciated during 2020 and included topics such as Leading during COVID-10 (with Rev Mpho Tutu), Sport during Covid-19 (with John Eales), Educating during Covid-19 (with  global curriculum leaders) and a Spirituality of Covid-19 (with Edwina Gateley)

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EREBB Covid Taskforce

Across our global family, many of our schools have and continue to be deeply affected by the Covid pandemic. EREBB has set up a taskforce of global educational leaders who come together to explore the best ways to collaboratively support our schools through this time. Australian schools have the opportunity to provide non-monetary support through sharing our expertise and experiences with our global partner schools.

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