Justice and Peace
Service Learning is a good thing - can it also be a core thing?

In my teaching life, I have been fortunate enough to witness real student change. The kind of change that excites and inspires.

Some time ago, I had cause to reflect on these transformational moments and noticed a trend.

What was it that took Nathan from being 17 and barely literate to being the author of a chapter in a published book? What was it that saw Ellie, who once proudly declared that she ‘hated school’, seek work experience as a teacher’s aide? What gave Paolo, normally riddled with anxiety at the mere thought of public speaking, the courage to run a series of workshops for 30 strangers?

In each of these situations, the common element was service. These students were in a situation where they needed to look outwards, to recognise the needs of another, and to respond. And in these moments they were deeply changed.

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