Sharing innovations and challenges experienced by the disruption of COVID-19 were the focus of online gatherings recently held for Leaders of Learning from across our schools.  This is part of the EREA Learning Continuity Project.  The meetings offered the opportunity to discuss and share localised responses for learning and wellbeing for young people, with each other and colleagues from EREA.

The discussion focused on the following key questions, related to the EREA Strategic Plan:

Gospel Centred Engagement

How do you nurture quality relationships which reflect the words and actions of Jesus?

How do students have a voice in decisions that impact on their learning and wellbeing?

Learning Design

Which assessment strategies enable you to make judgments about student learning and adapt your strategies to ensure each students’ needs are being met?

What feedback do you provide feedback so that students know how to act upon it?


How do you recognise and develop students’ strengths, gifts and talents?

How do you ensure the learning is meaningful, interesting, relevant and achievable?

Individual Differences

How to you optimise and empower student learning using effective online collaboration?

Through student-centred inquiry, how might you support students to persist with authentic and sustained challenges?

The Learning Space

How do you ensure that your virtual learning space is an effective place to learn?

How do you ensure learners feel safe and welcome, that their voice is valued and that they have a strong sense of belonging?

Significant learnings took place through the interchange of perspectives across Flexi schools and Colleges. Throughout Term 3  further gatherings are planned to reflect on innovations maintained due to the disruption.