Co creating new meaning through global disruption – Bringing ‘Integral Ecology’ to life

On Friday July 31, Identity Leaders from across EREA came together online to contemplate the complex disruptions rippling across the world and to consider how we are called to respond. While we were without the bliss of a Brisbane winter and the buzz of face to face encounter, there was a sense of Spirit and connection one could feel. Our Zoom certainly supported our focus on co-creating meaning in new ways; inviting our participation in a program that included:

  • Acknowledgement of Country/s
  • Hearing our young people voice what they value and what they hope for
  • Hearing stories from diverse perspectives
  • Considering the ways language is used and how it can create connection and division
  • Sharing new ideas related to new ways of making meaning and giving expression to Mission.


This unique gathering provided an opportunity to connect and to ask critical questions at a critical time. We were heartened by the experience and will take with us the call from Dr Wayne Tinsey, who in his address to those gathered, called upon us to summon the courage to wrestle with the complexities of our world and to seek out the next prophetic edge.