Networking & Gatherings

As a network of schools, EREA strives to enable the opportunity for relationships and meaning making to take place.

In bringing people together, we seek to nurture spaces for conversation, inquiry and collaboration so that we can navigate our way into a future that provides a contemporary and authentic education for young people, unearthing liberation and possibility. These initiatives are coordinated through the mission teams of EREA. Liaison with the appropriate person can be arranged by contacting the National Office.

Principals meet regionally and nationally. Associate School Principals are also invited to attend the National Conference.
Deputy Principals
Deputy Principals meet regionally and nationally. Associate Schools are invited to attend the national conference.
Business Managers
The annual gathering includes the contemporary expressions of the charism, professional input, and opportunities for sharing best practice.
Identity Leaders
Identity leadership is an essential part of the culture and operation of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition.
Leaders of Wellbeing
This gathering caters for those leaders in your school who are the Leaders of Wellbeing (Pastoral Coordinators/School Counsellors) from our EREA and Youth+ school communities.
Senior Leaders Induction
The Induction program caters for Senior Leaders recently appointed to Senior Leadership positions throughout EREA – Principals, Deputy Principals, Business Managers and Senior Leaders in EREA offices.
Emerging Leaders
EREA is keen to promote and encourage leadership at all levels in schools, recognising that the future of Catholic schooling relies upon competent leaders who are committed to, and have a deep understanding of, the mission of Catholic education.
Junior School Leaders
The gathering of Junior School Leaders is usually over two days. This program caters for Leaders in Junior, Primary or Middle School structures (up to Year 6) in EREA schools. Similar leaders in EREA Associate schools are also welcome to participate.
Women in Leadership
A key strategic focus for EREA has been the promotion of career pathways for women who aspire to leadership in Catholic education, particularly in Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition.
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education
The gatherings involve sharing the challenges faced and achievements experienced by individual schools in relation to the six domains of EREA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Response.

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School Board Chairs
School Boards work collaboratively with School Principals and with the EREA Executive to ensure faithfulness to the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition and quality stewardship.
Aspiring Principals
Aspiring Principals Forum
A new EREA leadership initiative designed especially for those school leaders who are considering a move to Principalship in coming years.
How we understand formation
Formation supports the emergence and revelation of such intention, “…identifying those personal gifts which enable our fullest participation in mission". This participation also enables a discovery of who we are as human beings and who we are in God.

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