Identity Leaders
Identity Leaders Conference (2015)
“Who do you say I am?” Exploring a Gospel Spirituality from the perspective of Pope Francis’ call for a ‘culture of encounter’.


  • Deepen and broaden our understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus
  • Consider the relevance and implications of a culture of encounter and how it connects with our mission
  • Develop the capacity of Identity Leaders to integrate new insights and understandings of faith and spirituality into their role
  • Develop the capacity of Identity Leaders in becoming more effective in leading and shaping our core mission within their communities
  • To pattern and facilitate a way of learning and formation that invites the participation of the EREA network so that we can create shared meaning


  • A contemporary exploration and inquiry into Jesus and the touchstone of Gospel Spirituality
  • Exposure and experience of a framework that can support and nurture theological insights and spiritual practices within their communities to influence mission
  • An understanding of a culture of encounter – its relevance and implications
  • Insights and practices to nurture ways of being that align with and give expression to Gospel Spirituality

Creating Space for Participation and Co-Inquiry

One of the key intentions for this exploration is to facilitate integrated learning and formation experiences so that collaboration and participation within and across our network can take place. Such action supports the creation of shared meaning.

How to be a part of this collaborative initiative?

Within your school: Before and after the 2 day gathering in August, the EREA Identity and Liberating Education team will be providing resources that are designed to stimulate conversation and reflection around key concepts. You are invited to use these resources as a way of creating opportunities for conversation and reflection.

Wider network: The EREA is working on providing a space for discussion, collaboration and the sharing of resources that can facilitate participation. We are also hoping to organise a webinar featuring Peter Harney cfc, who will be sharing his insights into Human Rights and the links to Gospel Spirituality and the call to a culture of encounter.

Resources can be found here 
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