Identity Leaders
Gathering Identity Leaders across the EREA Network
We believe that we come to know and find meaning through the opportunity to develop relationships and facilitate conversation, inquiry and collaboration.
Each year, Identity Leaders meet regionally and nationally as follows:

Term 1: Identity Teams Regional Network Gathering
These meetings are designed to offer a space for both Identity Leaders and colleagues within the school community who have a formal or informal role in supporting the culture and practice of Identity within the school. These forums provide an opportunity for such people to come together with other professionals across the EREA Network for inspiration, professional development and support.

Term 4: Identity Leaders Regional Network Gathering

These meetings offer an opportunity for Identity Leaders to engage in critical conversation and and reflection on strategic directions related to the agenda of Identity and Mission. Valuable for networking, professional development and support at both a personal and communal level, these gatherings have been influential for creating a vibrant learning community built upon trusted relationships.

National Identity Leaders Gathering or Symposium

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