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2019 National Program Information
Full of Life Document and Website Information
The current Full of Life document published each year will no longer be presented as a diary type document; ie dates for programs and gatherings will be removed from the main body of the document.  This will mean that it will become a compendium of formation opportunities detailing the full suite of programs, gatherings, conferences, Immersion experiences and networking available through EREA.  Publication of annual dates for those offerings that will be conducted in a particular year will be promoted via a simple flyer communication.  This will save on costs of reprinting a booklet every year, yet will still provide a compact summary of all that EREA provides in the way of personal and professional development opportunities for use with staff, Board, parent bodies and external stakeholders.

This transition will mean that the Full of Life booklet in this new form will not be available to schools until early December.  In the meantime the 2018 Booklet retains relevant information about all EREA offerings and the website via has been updated with the National Formation Program dates for staff to reference.
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