Identity Leaders
Participation in 2018 National Formation Programs
Nationally, attendance numbers are up 9% on 2017 figures and this would not be possible without your persuasive encouragement of staff.  The Team appreciates the ground-work you all do in making staff aware of the programs and their relevance to your community.  Our hope is that in time staff will be coming to you expressing interest in attendance rather than you having to seek them out.

At a program level, A Call to Mission offered eleven opportunities for engagement and served 218 new staff from our EREA Network.   The A Call to Leadership program, in targeting those staff who have an assigned or assumed leadership influence within your community, attracted 74 participants (up 35% on 2017). The move to conducting A Vision for Liberation in Sydney and Melbourne as a national offering proved successful with numbers up from last year. The A Call to Transformation program maintained its relatively small participation rate with just 48 staff in attendance at five programs.

The data would suggest that the A Call to Transformation program could benefit from some targeted promotion within the schools. Given that this program is now open to any staff member who has completed at least five continuous years of service in an Edmund Rice community (not necessarily the same community), our hope is that the pool of people to draw on is now much broader.  Your assistance in identifying suitable people for nomination to this particular program in 2019 would be appreciated.



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