Leaders of Wellbeing Conference

Ballarat, Victoria

20 - 22 March 2019

The 2019 EREA Leaders of Wellbeing Conference is taking place in Ballarat in Victoria from Wednesday 20 March until Friday, 22 March 2019, and is being hosted by St Patrick’s College, Ballarat. This gathering caters for those leaders in your school who are the Leaders of Wellbeing, ie. (Pastoral Coordinators/School Counsellors) from our EREA and Youth+ school communities. Similarly Leaders of Wellbeing in our New Zealand and EREA associate schools are welcome to participate. Our Southern Region colleagues are working hard to create an engaging and valuable program to ensure the time we have together is informative.

Executive Director's Welcome
It is with great pleasure that I commend to you the 2019 EREA National Leaders of Wellbeing Conference being held in Ballarat this coming March. The personal wellbeing of all in the EREA community is central if we are to “offer a liberating education, based on a gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community, committed to justice and solidarity.” Before staff can offer service and support to all the students in our care, it is important that they be sustained spiritually, mentally and physically.

With this in mind, when planning this year’s National Leaders of Wellbeing program, consideration was given to the key pressure points impacting our schools, be that in the areas of staff or student wellbeing.

Mental health, self-care and our legal responsibilities when dealing with those suffering a mental illness have come to the fore. Along with the key challenges facing our students: resilience, gaming addictions, and lack of engagement, this program hopes to provide nourishment to all wellbeing staff working in our schools. Challenging speakers will address these key topics and hopefully provide all with both understandings and strategies that they can take away and implement in our communities. If that seems too ambitious it’s hoped the program will provide you with a starting point and a network that you may access to support you and your school community in 2019 as you strive to address the diverse wellbeing challenges facing all who work in our EREA community.

With best wishes, Wayne Tinsey
Presenters & Topics
Vasileios Stavropoulos
Gaming Addiction, Challenges and Treatments
Mark Bunn
Work Life Balance and Self Care
Greg Mitchell
Developing Student Resilience
Paul O’Halloran
(Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley)
Legal Obligations surrounding Mental Illness – Student, Staff, Family
Jason Trethowan
(CEO Headspace)
Role of Headspace Working with and Supporting Schools
Tanika James
(Gambler’s Help Community Educator and Venue Support Worker Child and Family Services – CAFS Ballarat)
Responsible Gambling
Andrew McCausland
(Berry Street)
Trauma Informed Learning

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For more information contact susan.neilson@erea.edu.au or phone 03 9426 3205

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