EREA New Governance Structure for a New Era

The Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) announce a new incorporated governance structure – to be called EREA Ltd — which heralds a transformation of the organisation for a new era.

EREA Ltd has been created in response to a renewed commitment to governance that continues to place the 40,000 students of our diverse learning communities at the heart of all we do with clear lines of accountability and transparency.


EREA Ltd will be a company limited by guarantee with five subsidiaries.

Together, EREA Ltd and its subsidiaries will be responsible for the continuation of the mission of a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

The five subsidiary boards reflect the breadth of EREA’s education ministries, with each board having a very distinct function and a Board of Directors with specific expertise:

EREA Flexible Schools Ltd will oversee 21 flexible learning centres across metropolitan, regional, and rural Australia. These schools serve some of the most marginalised young people, who  yearn for another chance at education, and who may have been excluded from or have felt excluded from education.

EREA Colleges Ltd will oversee the colleges and early learning centres across Australia other than Victoria and New South Wales.

EREA Victorian Schools Ltd will govern five Victorian colleges and one flexible learning school to ensure that the specific regulatory requirements of Victoria are met in a targeted manner.

EREA New South Wales Colleges Ltd will govern seven NSW colleges to ensure that the specific regulatory requirements of NSW are met in a targeted manner.

St Kevin’s College Ltd will provide local governance oversight to St Kevin’s College, Melbourne, strengthening specific governance and accountability demands.

President of the Trustees of EREA Ms Philomena Billington said, “I am pleased to announce that the regeneration of EREA will provide more targeted and specialised governance structures and processes that meet the needs of young people in a way that is relevant to each context.”

In May, Ms Billington announced the appointment of Inaugural Chair of EREA Ltd, Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies OAM, a distinguished law academic, respected community leader and experienced company director and Chair. Ms Billington further updated, “Iyla’s broad expertise and remarkable professional experience was critical in the establishment and early shaping of EREA Ltd. We now move to an interim Executive Chair position to lead the change with renowned education and cultural transformation leader Dr Stephen Brown appointed to work closely with the EREA Trustees, Board, Executive and stakeholders.”

The new structure will be activated from 1 January 2023 for all but EREA Victorian Schools Ltd and St Kevin’s College Ltd, which will come into effect on a date to be confirmed.

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Updated 24 October 2022