Ambrose Treacy Launches Secondary School Precinct

Ambrose Treacy College, Indooroopilly, have recently opened their new Senior School precinct. In a ceremony to bless the precinct Michael Senior, College Principal, reflected:

"Last Thursday was a wonderful opportunity to take a moment and celebrate our recent journey when we officially opened the Senior School precinct. The idea of celebration is key to human life and particularly balance in our life. By our nature we can often just put our heads down and just work and work and work. The need for celebration is intrinsically important for individuals and communities.
Celebration is important to give us a moment to just relax and savour an achievement in the midst of often busy and crazy lives. I would like to thank the Honourable Grace Grace, Minister for Education and the Minister for Industrial Relations, Dr Leanne Perry, Executive Director of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, Kathy Freeman, EREA Council Member and Fr John Gillen our College Chaplain for accepting our invitation to honour us with their presence as our special guests for this important celebration.

One parent who congratulated me on the afternoon asked “Do you have any idea how much you’ve achieved over the last few years – both your soul work and professionally?” Sometimes you need moments to stop as a community to realise how much we have achieved and last Thursday was one of those. One of the themes a number of the speakers referred to was that of dreams. In many ways the opening of the Senior School precinct was the realisation of a very important dream. This last construction heralded the completion of the physical side of the dream. What was just a dream in 2014 is now a reality.

What continues to excite me is the reality that these new facilities are now playing an important part in our goal to have all our students achieving academically. As a part of my address I offered these thoughts:

‘While the physical facilities are what we celebrate today in our opening, it is the opportunities that they have provided for our students that excite me most. They will provide the delivery of an engaging curriculum that will challenge all our students to be the best learners that they can be. Learning, leadership and service are the pillars on what we have articulated our day to day vision on. We have a committed belief that every student has the capacity to learn and to be successful in life. This success is not measured by a number, but rather by the opportunity to fulfil a passion, to contribute to the wider community in a productive way, to feel that they are making a difference in the world and importantly that they are happy and content in their lives. The continued development of the campus facilities are enabling this dream to become a reality for our community.’

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AT Opening

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