EREA Junior School Leaders' Conference

Leaders from eighteen Edmund Rice schools gathered in Sydney, from 21-23 March, for the annual EREA Junior Leaders Conference.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Rick Russo - School Counsellor St Pius X College,Chatswood, presenting on wellbeing for staff and students. Conference delegates experimented with a number of Mindmatters/Kidsmatter activities and were presented with a number of resources that they can share with staff for student wellbeing.

  • EAPAccess- guided the delegates through the process of conducting courageous conversations. EAPAccess also explained the services that they have for staff in EREA Schools and the dedicated leadership hotline that is available.

  • Deb Cummins,St Pius X College,  explored the Harvard Zero Project and how we can transform our schools into cultures of thinking.

  • Greg Growden, a sports journalist and St Pius X parent, told of his journey to writing and where it has taken him. The number of questions from the floor indicated that the group were most engaged and wanted to share with him his love of writing and his passion for sharing the message.

  • St Gabriel’s School, Castle Hill shared with delegates how their school is able accommodate a variety of different learners and differentiate the curriculum. The passionate staff described how they engage and work with the children in the classroom on a daily basis and also shared some of the challenges that they face.

  • At the Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII delegates experienced  teaching in a very different environment. The agile learning spaces with over 100 students in 1 space, with a number of teachers working with the group, presented a model that was very different than what many were used to.

  • Ray Paxton, EREA National Director, shared the changes that have been taking place within the Directorate of Identity and Liberating Education. He also spoke of the upcoming Congress to be held in Melbourne later this year.

  • Jenny Edwards and Janine Timillero led the delegates on a journey of higher order thinking. The practical activities and website resources that they shared were well received and a number of the leaders are keen to implement them in their schools.

Junior Leaders

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