Solidarity with Students in the United States

Students from Edmund Rice Australian Schools, through Era for Change, are showing solidarity with students from the United States and joining them as they call for a nation free from gun violence.

"With the rising threat of gun violence to American students across all schools, ERA For Change is calling on EREA schools and students to stand together in solidarity with American students to promote their call for greater gun control in the United States.

Br Kevin Griffith, Christian Brothers North America Province Leader, has urged students in the 17 Edmund Rice schools across the United States to join hundreds of other schools in walking out of school to call on the American government to ensure their own safety from school shootings. Another mass @schoolswalkout will also take place at 10am on April 20. The US Bishops Conference has also supported these actions.

As part of the wider Edmund Rice community, by Australian schools joining these actions we will prove to American students that they do not stand alone.

The Catholic Social Teachings of Solidarity and Subsidiarity call us all to stand with, walk with and be with our wider human family, and to ensure that all decisions should be made at the lowest possible level but at the highest level needed to make them effective. The students who have died from gun violence in the US, and those marching for them are our sisters and brothers, and their collective voices, amplified by our own, must be answered by their elected government.

As ERA For Change schools join in the Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders theme of “I Am Your Neighbour” during the start of 2018, it is fitting we stand alongside our American neighbours, in helping to ensure all young people are made safe within their own schools." (Era for Change)

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March for our lives
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