Let’s Talk EREA 2018
Indigenous Immersion
The Let’s Talk EREA Immersion program took place last week in drought ravaged northern NSW. The group travelled from Dubbo to Myall Creek, Moree, Lightning Ridge, Goodooga and Brewarrina before returning to Dubbo. Along the way they had many opportunities to listen to community elders, experience traditional cultural practises, spend time in a remote community and grapple with the ongoing impact of the last 250 years of history on Aboriginal peoples. Cassandra Gibbs, assisted by Br Pat Lynch and David Marshall, led the program with her usual wisdom, humour and generosity. Learn more about Lets Talk EREA

Below are some comments from participants:
The opportunity to spend time in community in Goodooga, as well as to see sites of such significance to Aboriginal Australia, changed my perspective and understanding of the effects of 'White Australia' on 'Aboriginal Australia' in NSW. I am very grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from community elders, and deepen my understanding of the wrongs that have not yet been fully acknowledged. Tom Hughes, Nudgee College

What an amazing experience.  Going on Country and being with mob for a week.  So many things, learnt and felt and seen and heard.  A journey to be remembered and shared.  We were involved in something that in many ways does not have words to explain, it was much more than just words. Jeanette Hartley, St Mary’s FLC

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