First Flexi Global Immersion and Partnership
History was made recently with the first Flexi Global Immersion and Partnership program. In the September school holidays, Deception Bay and Hemant Flexible Learning Centres (part of the Marlene Moore Network) collaborated on a Global Immersion and Partnership Program with the Philippines. Four young people and four staff began the journey in Term 2 this year and  participated in extensive formation/preparation and debriefing throughout.  They met every fortnight and explored the history and culture of the Philippines, global partnerships, solidarity, the spirituality of Christian Brothers/Edmund Rice Movement and cross-culture considerations, as well as safety, health and security. This partnership will continue through a variety of connections.

“We ran our first Global Immersion and Partnership Program to the Philippines to experience the work and partner with the Filipino people, the Christian Brothers and Edmund Rice Ministries. It was wonderful to create this opportunity as a cross flexi program with Hemmant and Deception Bay FLC  staff and young people. This immersion was significantly different because it was wonderful to experience it through the eyes of our young people. They really noticed and were amazed by the sense of connectedness, unity and family in all communities, even those severely affected by poverty.

One of the many highlights of the immersion was the opportunity to visit Anawim – a home for about 40-60 young people who are deaf and unable to speak. We were greeted with smiles, hugs and unconditional love and acceptance. The students had been working hard at learning new songs to perform for us. Miladee and her sister Shandee are responsible for running Anawim.  You can’t help but feel inspired by the passion they have for their community and admire their dedication and selflessness. At Anawim Mel, Dan, Shakira and Jake were given the challenge of giving a thank you speech in sign language. To see the young people sharing and communicating with no spoken words was beautiful to watch. The joy and sense of friendship, acceptance and belonging being formed between our young people and the young people  at Anawim is a memory that will stay with me forever. To share in our global Edmund Rice Family has once again been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to returning to the Philippines in 2020.”

Michele Kinnane –Head of Campus – Deception Bay Flexible Centre

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